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HEALTHY BODY showcases the extraordinary worth of the human body, explaining the function of each body part and each organ and offering valuable advice for keeping it healthy and in shape HEALTHY BODY is a compedium of preventive medicine written for those who wish to take good care of their bodies; a veritable maintenance manual for the most complex and efficient machine of all. How to care for our bodies. Natural treatments for a variety of body parts and organs. How to prevent disease. How to achieve the ultimate in body beauty. The major attacks endured by the body. What can be done with it. The body's history and destiny. GEORGE D.PAMPLONA ROGER is a physician and surgeon and an expert in Public Health. Through his professional life as a surgeon, he has come to know the human body well.both inside and out. And with his broad-ranging experience as an educator in the field of healthcare, he has an excellent ability to communicate and reveal scientific knowledge,, making its many complexities easy to understand. Dr. Pamplona-Roger authored the Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants and the Encyclopedia of Foods and their Healing Power. Which have been translated into major languages from all over the world and published by Publicationhhes, in additionto printed works.

Healthy Body: A Practical Guide to Body Care