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This nutrition assessment and report focuses on clarifying any confusion and providing personalized recommendations based on individual nutrition assessments and blood work.


The report calculates your ideal body weight, waist size, and weight status so that you can have a clear target to shoot for.  Most people recognize they are overweight and but are unsure where they need to be.


This is not a diet, diets don’t work.  This is proper nutrition advice complete with an easy to follow checklist to cleaning up your nutrition.


Lab work: lipids, hemoglobin A1C, homocysteine, thyroid stimulating hormone, vitamin d 25-hydroxy.

Nutrition Assessment & Report with Blood Work (local only)

  • After your purchase you will receive a pdf with a link to the assessment.  Call (402) 423-4422 to arrange your pick up of the lab requisition form for the blood work.  Complete the assessment and you will receive your customized nutrition report within a few days.